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Photo of the Month - exploring the Story behind the Image...

caption: Varied Vegetation in Bouma National Heritage Park   caption: Sunset in the Garden of the Hideaway Hotel   caption: Yellow Teeshirts and Blue Cotton Candy   caption: Idyllic Pacific Island with Beach and Palm Trees   caption: Line of Seven Moai at Ahu Akivi  

2014: May


2014: June


2014: July


2014: August


2014: September

caption: North Korean Border Guard - Watching Me Watching Them   caption: Towers and Frontage of Saint Michaels Golden Domed Monastery   caption: Fishermen on the Galata Bridge, across the Golden Horn   caption: Line of Gold Buddhas at the Wat Pho   caption: Optimist 2014 National Sailing Championships at Manly Beach  

2013: December


2014: January


2014: February


2014: March


2014: April

caption: Ma Ganga statue at the Haridwar Bathing Ghats   caption: Towers and Frontage of Saint Michaels Golden Domed Monastery   caption: Surp Astvatsatsin Church at the Noravank monastery   caption: Two Tajik girls at the Fortress of Zong   caption: Gold Buddha Face at the Sule Paya Temple  

2013: July


2013: August


2013: September


2013: October


2013: November

caption: Digambar Badri Giri Maharaj wearing Rudraksha Beads   caption: Muslim Ladies Buy Tickets for the Monas Tower   caption: If My Friends Could See Me Now   caption: Indian Soldiers With Red Turbans and Black Uniforms   caption: Mules and Muleteers prepare to trek to Kedarnath  

2013: February


2013: March


2013: April


2013: May


2013: June

caption: Baked Banana Seller at Floating Market   caption: Tourists Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge   caption: Two Girl Hikers rest at Thistle Cove   caption: Indian Pacific Carriages at Central Station   caption: Boy watches 'Oruwa' outrigger fishing boat

2012: September


2012: October


2012: November


2012: December


2013: January

caption: Riesenrad Ferris Wheel in the Prater   caption: Hot-Air Balloons over Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys   caption: Taj Mahal at Dawn across the Yamuna River   caption: Sadhu at Pashupatinath Temple   caption: Masked Girl and Colored Lampshades

2012: April


2012: May


2012: June


2012: July


2012: August

caption: Balloon Over The Nile At Dawn   caption: Outrigger Perahu Beached At Dusk   caption: Downtown City-Scape at Night   caption: Pierced Devotees At Thaipusam   caption: Another Place by Antony Gormley

2011: November


2011: December


2012: January


2012: February


2012: March

caption: Abandoned Ford Truck   caption: Beyer Garratt in Steam   caption: Flower Petals on Water   caption: St. Georges Rock-Cut Church   caption: Pyramids at the Pyramids

2011: June


2011: July


2011: August


2011: September


2011: October

caption: Dried Dog Heads in Fetish Market   caption: Drill Monkey eating a Papaya   caption: Himba Women Hairstyles   caption: Sand-Filled Room in a Ghost Town   caption: Elephant at the Chobe River

2011: January


2011: February


2011: March


2011: April


2011: May

caption: Blonde man with Fishes   caption: My Father's Gravestone   caption: Defining the Iconic   caption: Orange Juice Stall in the Djemaa el-Fna   caption: Orange Spheres advertise the Orange Brand

2010: August


2010: September


2010: October


2010: November


2010: December

caption: Trees near Mount Fitzroy   caption: The Bearer of Hope and Wishes   caption: Looking out over Machu Picchu   caption: Jaguarundi in AmaZOOnico   caption: Palm leaf in Amazon camp

2010: March


2010: April


2010: May


2010: June


2010: July

caption: Spiral stairs at the Vizhinjam Lighthouse   caption: Indian boys playing into the surf   caption: Launching a fishing boat into the surf   caption: Solar Eclipse at Kovalam   caption: Girl looking out of the Ocean

2009: October


2009: November


2009: December


2010: January


2010: February

caption: Sunset at the Horse and Garden Organic Farm   caption: Cloudy Sky in Nova Scotia   caption: Tallship Sailing to Boston   caption: Sunny Sailing off Newfoundland   caption: Workbench at the Horse and Garden Organic Farm

2009: May


2009: June


2009: July


2009: August


2009: September

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Students gather outside a colorful colonial school building.View over the city of La Paz as the evening lights are coming on.
Dancing happy crowds accompany decorated lorry in Basant Panchami Snana Procession.Large group of Hindu holy men on roof of flower decorated jeep.
Boat of Sikh pilgrims return from visiting the Ganges Yamuna river Sangam.A stand of giant cacti at the Pucara Walled City Ruins.
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Wooden reclining Buddha statue in front of the altar of the Japanese Temple in Sarnath.

Wooden reclining Buddha statue in front of the altar of the Japanese Temple in Sarnath..

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