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High Definition Travel Photograph Sales

The photographs on this site are all available for licensing as either Royalty Free (RF) or Rights Managed (RM) high-resolution images. Each image has a link to either a Royalty Free purchase page, where you can purchase a license and download immediately, or to the relevant page of my photo agency: Getty Images External link opens a new Browser window who handle most of my Rights Managed licensing.

The Royalty Free images are available as JPGs in a variety of sizes: Small (350x232 pixels), Medium (700x465 pixels), Large (1500x996 pixels), and Extra-Large (2200x1461 pixels). You can view the Royalty Free license here.

If you wish to license a full size (approximately 4288 x 2848 px) TIFF version of the Royalty Free images, please Contact Me directly, as these images are not available for download from the website, and will require personal attention.

If you require prints of the photos on this site, please see the Purchase Prints page for further information. If instant prints are available for a particular photo in the gallery, it will have a link 'Purchase print of this image' at the bottom of its image-information. These prints are all available to order directly online, via the PhotoBox printing service, but if you require other prints, please Contact me directly.


Technical Specifications of TIFF images

The photographs on this site have the following specification:

  • Captured in 14bit Raw format at the D300's maximum resolution of 12.3Mega pixels.
  • Corrected after RAW conversion, if necessary, in PhotoShop 16 bit mode.
  • Converted and saved as 300ppi 8 bit Tiffs in Adobe RGB (1998) colour space.
  • Image Compression set to NONE when saving as TIFF.
  • Free from sensor dust spots.
  • Flattened, no Layers or Alpha Channels.
  • Displayed with correct orientation.
  • Black point no less than 3, and White point no more than 252.
  • Minimum Tiff file size of 28MB.
  • No images have been sharpened - can be performed by the end user if required.

Captioning Guidelines for Digital Images - IPTC Metadata

GnomePlanet uses industry standard IPTC metadata files to catalogue digital images into our database. All professional industry standard software such as Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom and Apple's Aperture support IPTC metadata. The relevant information for every image in our database has been applied in the following required fields:

  • IPTC Date Created - Date image was captured.
  • IPTC City - Location of image i.e. city, town or village where image was captured.
  • IPTC State/Province - State, Province or Island where image was captured.
  • IPTC Country - Country where image was captured.
  • IPTC Description - Image caption. A concise description of the subject matter including specific location information not already included in the above fields e.g. Suburb or Street name.
  • IPTC Instructions - Indicates if a model or property release has been obtained: "MR" for model released images and "PR" for property released images.

The images are not Keyworded, but suitable keywords can be provided for each licensed image, if required.

Technical Specifications of JPG images

These images have been re-sized at the High Quality setting, from a master TIFF image of size 2848 x 4288 pixels at 300dpi. A small amount of sharpening was added during re-sizing.

They are available in a variety of sizes: Small (350x232 pixels), Medium (700x465 pixels), Large (1500x996 pixels), and Extra-Large (2200x1461 pixels).

Image Detail - Click this image to see an example of available image detail in the 4 sizes of JPG image.Example of available image detail

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Mountain scenery of the Quebrada de las Conchas.Mountain scenery of the Quebrada de las Conchas.
Mountain scenery of the Quebrada de las Conchas.Cv40-9i railway locomotive pulls the Ghan train out of Alice Springs station.
Stucco frontage and tower of the Basilica San Francisco.Two young men sell false beards and moustaches to Kumbh Mela pilgrim visitors.
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Dawn light over green but tree-less mountains.

Dawn light over green but tree-less mountains..

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