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Frequently Asked Questions about the Photographer's World Database of Countries, States, and Cities

What is it ?
Who is it for ?
What's on offer ?
Anything else ?
What will I need to use it ?
Can I try before I buy ?
How can I buy it ?
Can I suggest improvements ?


  • Q: What is It ?
    A: This website runs on a database that references all the photos online with the correct spelling and location for countries, states, and cities all around the world. It uses a number of separate tables to keep the information compact, fast to access, and easy to maintain. A number of people have expressed interest in this database, so I have now decided to offer an adapted version for anyone to use.
  • Q: Who is it for ?
    A: This database is ideally suited for any photographer who also likes experimenting with web pages and databases, but who previously couldn't find a source of all the data. It is useful for someone who wishes to set up an online database-driven gallery of their photos, or for someone who wants to keep track of all their own photographs on a local computer.
  • Q: What's on offer ?
    A: The database being offered here has 8 tables:

    • Country: 337 entries
    • State: 2,607 entries
    • City: 34,712 entries
    • Flag: 408 entries
    • Theme: 125 entries
    • Class_Of_Place: 15 entries
    • Type_Of_Place: 132 entries
    • Photo: 10 entries

    The first 3 tables: Country, State, and City are the heart of the database. They contain information about each of these categories, and how they inter-relate. The fourth table, Flag, allows the database to link to a flag image for each country. There are also flags for US, Canadian, and Australian states. All are cross-referenced so that the flags, which are included with the database tables, can be used on your own website. Here are a few examples of the flags. There are more details on the Flags page.

    The remaining 4 tables: Theme, Class_Of_Place, Type_Of_Place, and Photo, are included at no charge: they are 'ideas' tables, to help you organise your photos in a more constructive way, and to help you provide themed collections and galleries. 'Photo' is the table where you store details of your own photos, for the database to reference and display. It has been given some sample entries to help you understand the style.

  • Q: Anything else ?
    A: Also included is a complete SQL script to set up the database automatically, and some sample queries that you can use to start working with the data. Each table is described in a comprehensive way, and a Sample sub-set of the Database, with installation notes and script, is provided free-of-charge for you to try out before you buy: its on the Download page.
  • Q: What will I need to use it ?
    A: The data tables are provided in a set of CSV files, so that they can be imported into a database of your choice. The data tables are also provided in an SQL script, so that they can be loaded straight into an SQL database server. If you intend to use the tables online, you will need a host with mySQL and PHP configured, and at least 1 free database. You will also need some way of uploading your database tables, setting a User account, and configuring the database itself: this usually means 'phpMyAdmin' or similar. IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I HAVE JUST SAID, DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE PROCEEDING FURTHER.
  • Q: Can I try before I buy ?
    A: Absolutely. If you visit the Download page you can download a sample of the database. This contains a small number of records for each table, full instructions for installing on your own computer or web-server, plus sample scripts to test the database out and simulate the final installation. The only difference between the Sample and the Full versions are the number of records that the tables contain, and the number of supplied Mini-Flag images.
  • Q: How can I buy it ?
    A: To purchase the Photographer's World Database of Countries, States, and Cities, plus the full set of over 400 Mini-Flags, please visit the Purchase page, where you can pay online using the safe, free, and secure PayPal service, then download the package as soon as the payment has completed - there's no waiting.
  • Q: Can I suggest improvements ?
    A: That would be wonderful. I welcome all comments, suggestions for modifications or improvements to the database, scripts, and instructions. The best will be included on the website. I would also love to see where the Photographer's World Database of Countries, States, and Cities is being used online, so please send any links, and let me know if I can share them with my other readers. To contact me via email or the easy-to-use webform, please visit the Contact page.

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