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Stock Travel Photography Gallery - Keyword Search for images from Mongolia

Lon: 103.85° Lat: 46.86°         Flag:    Flag for Mongolia

There are 158 images for the country: Mongolia
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Search by State (8):   Arkhangai   Bayan-Olgiy   Dornogovi   Dzavhan   Khovsgol   Omnogovi   Ovorkhangai   Uvs
Search by City (23):   Arvaikheer   Dalandzadgad   Guchin-Us   Hanbogd   Hovd   Hovsgol   Hujirt   Jargalant   Junichin Govi   Kharkhorin   Mayhan Tolgoy   Naranbulag   Sevrey   Shankh   Songino   Tariat   Telmen   Tsagaan Uul   Tsagaanhayrhan   Tsagaannuurr   Tsenkher   Yolyn Am   Zamyn Uud

Each map-marker identifies a city located in the search.

Search by Keyword (644):   above,   abundance,   adorable,   adults only,   against,   ancient,   animal,   animal behaviour,   animal representation,   animals in the wild,   animal themes,   apartment,   architecture,   arid,   arkhangai,   art,   art and craft,   artistic,   arvaikheer,   baatar,   baby,   baby boy,   back,   backgrounds,   bactrian,   balance,   balcony,   bare,   bayan-olgiy,   beads,   beauty in nature,   belief,   bell,   between,   big,   bird,   bird-handler,   block,   blow,   blue,   blue-tiled,   blue sky,   board,   book,   bottles,   boy,   boys,   brass,   brick,   brick wall,   bridge,   brought,   buddha,   buddhism,   buddhist,   building and construction,   building exterior,   built structure,   burner,   buttoned,   cabin,   cairn,   caldera,   camel-driver,   camels,   camera,   cameraman,   camp,   camping,   campsite,   canine,   cans,   cap,   carnivorous,   carpenter,   carriage,   carries,   casual clothing,   catholicism,   cattle,   child,   childhood,   children,   children only,   chingis,   class,   classroom,   clear sky,   cliffs,   close-up,   closed,   clothing,   cloud,   clouds,   coat,   collecting,   colored,   colour,   communal,   communication,   compatible,   compound,   content,   control,   copy space,   costume,   country,   couple,   covered,   cow,   crater,   creativity,   cross,   crosses,   crossing,   cultural,   culture,   cute,   cymbal,   dagoba,   dagobas,   dalandzadgad,   daughter,   day,   dead,   dead animal,   decoration,   desert,   design,   destination,   detail,   difficult,   dinosaur,   dirt,   dirt road,   distance,   distant,   dog,   domestic animal,   domestic animals,   domestic building,   domestic housing,   dominated,   door,   dornogovi,   dragoman,   dress,   drives,   dune,   dunes,   dust,   dzavhan,   eagle,   early teen,   earth,   edelweiss,   elderly,   elementary age,   els,   encampment,   entrance,   erdene,   erdene zuu khiid,   evening,   expanse,   extinct,   eyewear,   face,   faithful,   famous place,   farm animal,   female,   female likeness,   field,   fields,   filling,   firewood,   five people,   flag,   flag pole,   flags,   flaming,   flock,   flock of sheep,   flocks,   flora,   floral pattern,   flower,   flower-filled,   flowers,   flowery,   flutter,   fluttering,   focus on foreground,   food,   fords,   forested,   four animals,   four people,   fragility,   freedom,   frontage,   full frame,   gandan,   gandan muntsaglan khiid monastery,   geology,   girl,   glasses,   goat,   goats,   gobi,   gobi desert,   grandmother,   grass,   grassland,   grassy,   gravel,   grazing,   great,   great white lake,   green,   group,   group of people,   growth,   guchin-us,   guiding,   gurvan,   hanbogd,   hangs,   happiness,   hat,   head and shoulders,   headwear,   herbivorous,   herd,   herded,   herders,   hill,   hills,   holding,   holiday,   holy,   horizon,   horizon over land,   horizontal,   horse,   horseback,   horseman,   horsemen,   horses,   hose,   house,   hovd,   hovsgol,   hujirt,   human face,   human representation,   hundred treasures,   hundred treasures monastery,   hurries,   hurry,   huysiyn,   idyllic,   in a row,   incense,   incense burner,   independence,   indoors,   information,   innocence,   into,   jacket,   jargalant,   journey,   junichin govi,   khadag,   khadags,   khan,   kharkhorin,   khiid,   khongoryn,   khorgo,   khovsgol,   khyargas,   lady,   lake,   lama,   landmark,   landscape,   large group of animals,   largest,   lava,   leads,   leisure,   leisure activity,   log,   lonely,   looking at camera,   looking away,   looks,   low,   low angle view,   lush foliage,   male,   male likeness,   mammal,   man,   mark,   mastiff,   mature adult,   mayhan tolgoy,   meadow,   meal,   medium group of animals,   medium group of people,   men,   mid-adult man,   mid adult,   mid adult man,   mid distance,   milking,   minibus,   mixed age range,   mode of transport,   monastery,   mongol,   mongol costume,   mongolia,   mongolian,   mongolian culture,   mongolian ethnicity,   mongolian flag,   monk,   monks,   mosaic,   most,   motorbike,   motorcycle,   motor cyle,   motor vehicle,   mounds,   mountain,   mountain range,   mountains,   mountaintop,   mud,   multi coloured,   muntsaglan,   naranbulag,   national,   national icon,   natural disaster,   natural pattern,   nature,   nayman,   negotiates,   nestle,   next,   non-urban scene,   non-western script,   no people,   nuur,   objects,   occupation,   old,   omnogovi,   one animal,   one child only,   one girl,   one girl only,   one man,   one man only,   one mature man,   one mature man only,   one mid adult man,   one mid adult man only,   one person,   one senior man,   one senior man only,   one young man,   one young man only,   only boys,   only men,   on the move,   open,   ornate,   outdoor activities,   outdoors,   over,   overland,   over loaded,   overlooking,   ovoo,   ovorkhangai,   park,   parked,   parking,   parking sign,   pass,   pasture-land,   pastureland,   patriotism,   people,   personal effects,   photographed,   photographer,   photographing,   photography,   photography themes,   physical geography,   pink,   placed,   place of worship,   plain,   plains,   plant,   point,   point of interest,   pool,   portrait,   power in nature,   prayer,   prayer scarves,   prayer wheels,   preschool age,   pride,   proud,   pyramid,   railway,   railway carriage,   raising,   real people,   rear view,   rebellion,   red,   refreshment,   relaxation,   religion,   religions,   remote,   residential structure,   rest,   rich,   rickety,   riding,   rise,   ritual,   river,   roads,   roam,   rock,   rock formation,   rocks,   rough,   ruins,   rural scene,   sacred,   saddled,   safari animals,   saikhan,   sand,   sand dune,   sand dunes,   sandy,   scarf,   scarfs,   scarves,   scenics,   sculpture,   sea,   seascape,   season,   senior adult,   service,   sets,   sevrey,   shamanist,   shamanistic,   shanhyn,   shanhyn monastery,   shankh,   sheep,   sheepherder,   shepherds,   shopkeeper,   shopkeepers,   shore,   sign,   silhouette,   silhouetted,   singing,   singing dunes,   singino,   singino monastery,   sitting,   skill,   sky,   slopes,   small,   smiling,   soil,   son,   songino,   sparce,   spectacles,   spectacular,   spirituality,   splashing,   sport & recreation,   spread wings,   stand,   standing,   start,   stationary,   statue,   statues,   steppe,   sticks,   still life,   stone,   stream,   stupa,   stupas,   summer,   sun,   sunlight,   sunset,   sweatshirt,   symbol,   symbolism,   system,   talk,   tariat,   teenage boy,   teenager (between 14-18 years),   teenagers,   teeshirt,   telmen,   temple,   tent,   terkhiin,   terkhiin tsagaan nuur,   tethered,   text,   three,   three people,   through,   tibetan,   togetherness,   toothy smile,   top,   toughness,   tourism,   tourist,   tourist attraction,   tracks,   tradesman,   traditional,   traditional clothing,   traditional culture,   trailer,   train,   tranquillity,   tranquil scene,   transport,   transportation,   travel,   travel destinations,   travellers,   tree,   truck,   tsagaan,   tsagaanhayrhan,   tsagaan nuur,   tsagaannuurr,   tsagaan uul,   tsenkher,   two,   two people,   tying,   tyre,   ulaan,   ulaan baatar,   un-surfaced,   under,   unrecognizable person,   upward view,   uud,   uul,   uvs,   vacations,   vajra,   valley,   valleys,   vantage,   vegetation,   vehicle,   verdant,   vertical,   villagers,   visual art,   vodka,   volcanic,   volcanic crater,   volcanic landscape,   volcanism,   volcano,   volcano caldera,   volcano crater,   vultures,   walk,   walking,   wall,   water,   waterscape,   waters edge,   waterway,   wave,   waves,   wearing,   weather,   western,   wheel,   wheels,   white,   wide,   wildlife,   wind,   window,   woman,   wooden,   wooden post,   working animals,   yellow,   yellow-cap,   yolyn am,   young,   young adult,   yurt,   yurts,   zamyn,   zamyn uud,   zamyn uud train,   zuu,
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Indian Pacific passengers walk beside train carriages at Cook railroad station.Mountain scenery of the Quebrada de las Conchas.
Local man and woman outside souvenir store on the Avenida Potosi.Tables and seating in the Matilda Cafe buffet car of the Ghan long distance train.
Blue face and torso of clay statue of god Shiva at Kumbh Mela religious festival.Dancing happy crowds accompany decorated lorry in Basant Panchami Snana Procession.
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The Parish Church of Holy Trinity on the High Street dates from the 1300s.

The Parish Church of Holy Trinity on the High Street dates from the 1300s..

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