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Stock Travel Photography Gallery - Keyword Search for images from Turkmenistan

Lon: 58.96° Lat: 38.97°         Flag:    Flag for Turkmenistan

There are 30 images for the country: Turkmenistan
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Search by State (2):   Ashgabat   Tashauz
Search by City (4):   Ashgabat   Darvaza   Gypjak   Tashauz

Each map-marker identifies a city located in the search.

Search by Keyword (249):   12m,   10000 worshippers,   adobe-walled,   akhal,   arch,   arch if neutrality,   architectural feature,   architecture,   arch of neutrality,   arid,   around,   art,   ashgabat,   attraction,   background people,   backgrounds,   badges,   bazaar,   beauty in nature,   belief,   biggest,   board,   bread,   bronze,   building,   building exterior,   buildings,   built structure,   business,   buy,   buying,   cakes,   car,   central,   central asia,   choice,   close-up,   closed,   cloud,   coin,   coins,   collection,   colour,   commerce,   communist,   conflict,   copy space,   covered,   crater,   crying mother,   culture,   currency,   darvaza,   darvaza water crater,   dashkhovuz,   dashogus,   day,   desert,   display,   dome,   dragoman,   drink,   dwarfed,   dwellers,   entrance,   eternal,   eternal flame,   express,   family,   famous place,   fascist,   flag,   flame,   flora,   food,   food & drink,   food and drink,   food stall,   for sale,   fort,   fountain,   freshness,   front,   fruit,   full frame,   galasy,   gate,   geology,   germany,   golden,   golden-roofed,   golden roof,   government,   group of people,   guard,   gun,   gypjak,   healthy eating,   high angle view,   historic,   historic building,   history,   holders,   holiday,   holy,   horizon over land,   horizontal,   human representation,   idyllic,   independence,   independence square,   indoors,   islam,   journey,   kneeling,   landscape,   large group of people,   long,   makes,   marble,   market,   medals,   medium group of people,   memorial,   memories,   minaret,   mixed age range,   mode of transport,   money,   monument,   moslem,   mosque,   mother,   motorbike,   motorbiker,   motorcycle,   motorcyclist,   motor vehicle,   natural disaster,   nature,   neutrality,   niyazov,   nomad,   non-urban scene,   no people,   number,   one person,   order,   outdoors,   outside,   over,   overland,   people,   physical geography,   pilgrimage,   place of worship,   point of interest,   pool,   power in nature,   president,   president niyazov,   produce,   rail,   railway,   railway traveller,   red army,   religion,   religions,   remains,   rememberance memorial,   revolving,   rifle,   rim,   ruhy,   ruhy mosque,   russian,   sacred,   sale,   scenics,   sculpture,   selling,   shoppers,   shopping,   sky,   soldier,   soldiers,   solitary,   soviet,   soviet medal,   soviet memorial,   soviet union,   spirituality,   spraying,   square,   stall,   station,   statue,   statues,   symbol,   tashauz,   the arch of neutrality,   tolkuchka,   tolkuchka bazaar,   top,   tourism,   tourist,   tourist attraction,   tourists,   tranquil scene,   trans-caspian,   trans caspian,   transport,   transportation,   travel,   travel destinations,   traveller,   travellers,   tree,   tree lined,   truck,   turkman,   turkmen,   turkmenbashi,   turkmenbashi ruhy mosque,   turkmeni,   turkmenistan,   two,   unrecognizable person,   variation,   vegetable,   vehicle,   volcanic crater,   volcanic landscape,   volcanism,   volcano,   walk,   walks,   war,   war ii,   war memorial,   water,   weather,   white marble,   woman,   world,   ww2,   wwii,   yzmyksir,   yzmyksir galasy,
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Hindu Sadhu takes photo of Kumbh Mela tents from Lal Bahadur Shastri Bridge.Mass crowds of Hindu pilgrims struggle to bathe in shallows of Ganges river Sangam.
Great Southern Rail carriage attendants on the Indian Pacific long distance train.Rowing boat passes bathing pilgrims and tents next to River Ganges in early dawn light.
Pilgrims cross Ganges river pontoon bridge at dawn to join Kumbh Mela festival.Wine glasses at the Bodega Nanni winery.
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Sparce vegetation of the Gobi Desert, with tyre tracks, and clouds.

Sparce vegetation of the Gobi Desert, with tyre tracks, and clouds..

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